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Security – first line of defence or an afterthought

There is truth in the old adage “The only time you really need a backup, is when you don’t have one”.

That in its own right is a prime example of why Security should be at the forefront of any decision around implementing a business-critical system, and not an afterthought.

What is a business-critical system?

  • Will your business have to alter its normal daily operations without the system?
  • Will the loss cost money, over an above the usual budget to restore the system to full operation?
  • Will news of the loss negatively impact your customers and potential customers view of your business?
  • Will the loss affect the speed at which you perform your businss?

It doesn’t matter if it’s an Information Technology system, a paper based system, a mechanical operation or a manual operation performed by people. If any answer to the above questions is yes, then it’s a business critical system.

Too close to the trees to see the woods?

Many small and sometimes large businesses are so focused on their business they fail to see the risks to that business until it’s too late.

“Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted” is not a recipe for success when it comes to systems security. Many business have been laid to waste because of a security breach.

Closing the door after the horse is bolted is expensive